Thursday, March 31, 2016

How about some Pictures

With everything that is going on, I thought it would be interesting to capture some photos to share.  I have recorded some videos, but I don't like them, so I probably won't post :-).

Group 1
The Clinica Ruiz team brings in several patients at one time and you are split into one of two groups. I am in Group 1, so most of the "group" photos will be with the smaller subset of people.  I'll try to grab some of everyone when possible.

This was during our first round of chemo.  You can see the patients are all sitting in the recliners while the carers are sitting next to their loved one.  In this group, from left to right, we have:

  • Patient: Fanny - Carer's: Patty / Shlomo (Fanny's husband not pictured but present) - Ft. Lauderdale, FL
  • Patient: Leslie (me) - Carer's: Scott & Lauren - US Kansas City, MO
  • Patient: Mike - Carer: Jake - US (Chicago?)
  • Patient: Norman - Carer: Hege - Norway
  • Patient: Michelle - Carer: John - US - New York
  • Patient: Ragesh - Carer: Bhatki - UK
  • Patient: Bill - Carer: Kelly -  US - Wisconsin
  • Patient: John - Carer: Brid - Ireland
I can tell you straight up that I'm in love with every person in this group.  It is so wonderful to be sharing this experience with them and to know that they understand every bit of what I am going through.  I envision everlasting friendships coming out of this experience to which I am already grateful. 

Shaving Ritual

We took tons of pictures, but I hated most of them, so have picked out only my favorites to share.  I'm still trying to get a handle on how I feel about this part.  I know I'm going to lose even more, so I guess I better just get used to it huh?

First up - Lauren

Prepping Lauren with at least 30 pony tail holders for easier cutting

Cut and shaved but not perfected

Voila - Transformation complete.  Lauren is now a young Anthony Michael Hall.

Next Up (Me) - I won't post too many here because they're horrible... but here goes

Lauren making the final cuts before the shave

I was contemplating keeping a kewpie curl

Really really not sure how I'm feeling about all this.

and finally..  Scott

Just starting

For a while, it was a toss up whether Scott was to become a Mohawk Indian or join a Mexican Drug Cartel.

But in the end, his true colors came through when we found the horns :-)

So after all said and done, we had our showers, I put make up on for a little bit of a boost and we have the final results below.


Other interesting tidbits...

While we were here in Puebla, the Popocat├ępetl volcano was erupting and was visible from the roof of our apartments.  

MEXICO CITY, March 28 (UPI) -- Mexico's Popocat├ępetl volcano erupted over the weekend, spewing columns of ash up to a mile high.
The most significant of the low-intensity effects occurred on Saturday and Sunday. About 20 minutes worth of tremors were felt in the region, which is southeast of Mexico City.
Mexico's National Center for Disaster Prevention has warned nearby residents to avoid the area, adding that low-level to intermediate-level explosive activity is expected. Falling ash may affect nearby towns.
The volcano is in the states of Puebla and Morelos, 43 miles southeast of Mexico City.

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