Sunday, April 10, 2016

Day 0 - (4/10) My New Birthday

Today is my new birthday.  My stem cell transplant happened today around 2:00 to 2:30. My total stem cell count was 151 Million (46 from round 1 and 105 from round 2).  They wanted me to have at least 75 million, so I way exceeded that number.  I feel really good today.  I think it may be a bit of an adrenaline kick knowing that today is the day.  

Below are some photos we took to celebrate the day.

Posing with Dr. Manuel Priesca and Dr. Andres Leon

Thumbs up with Nurse Laura

Gangsta's in the Chemo Room

4/10/16 Birthday Crew - Julie Miller, Bill Anderson, Deb Lee, Me, Norman Kulø  

Dr. Priesca, Julie Miller, Bill Anderson, Deb Lee, Me, Norman Kulø, Dr. Leon

We did it!!!!!

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