Friday, April 15, 2016

Day +5 (Apr 15)

Not a ton to report.  I did have an issue with my blood pressure on day +1.  That whole day I felt off, and Scott decided to check my blood pressure, which was too low. Throughout the day, it just kept dropping.  He ended up calling the doctor when it hit 91/46.  The doctors were quick and thought I was probably dehydrated.  I felt I had been drinking enough water, but definitely not the 3L I was supposed to drink.  So I got out of bed and drank 2 liters of water within about 45 minutes.  The doctor was right - my blood pressure started to rise.  I was happy, because the next step would've been hospitalization which none of us wanted.  At midnight, Paco was knocking at the door to deliver Electrolyte drinks.  I am still impressed at the service and attention we are receiving here.

Since then, I've been drinking soooo much water to make sure it doesn't happen again, and the lowest it's gotten down to since is 99/55.  While that is still low, it's not too bad and I'm keeping an eye on it.

I go back to the clinic today to get my every other day consultation from my blood work. I'm a bit concerned.  I do not feel my WBC count is low enough and I haven't hit the neutropenic stage. Actually, my WBC count was up 2 days ago from the previous measure. I think I just need more education here.  I had thought that the goal, was to pretty much eradicate those numbers.  I will talk to the doctor more today if they are still so high.

Today's Post Consultation Update:  WBC dropped from 13000 to 2300, so I am feeling much better. The process is working.  It's just taking me a little longer than some others.  Dr. Ruiz said I was definitely going Neutropenic and expected my levels to drop some more.  He said I need to keep taking the Filgrastrim shots to keep stabilized.  It's fun to watch the senior Dr. Ruiz at work.  He is definitely the godfather of the team.  His staff hangs on to every word and seems to follow him around, listening and learning.  Love it!!

Oh - Scott & I designed my new FB profile picture.  I think we're going to get t-shirts made too. What do you think?

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